LFP27175200 105AH

Detailed introduction:

No.  Items/项目  Specifications/规格 Remark备注
 1 Material system材料体系 Lithium iron phosphate磷酸铁锂  
 2 Nominal Capacity标称容量  105Ah   0.2C Standard discharge 0.2C 标准放电
 3 Minimum Capacity最小容量  105Ah
 4 Nominal Voltage标称电压  3.2V Mean Operation Voltage工作电压
 5 Delivery voltage交货电压  2.90~3.20V Within 10 days from Factory在出厂 10 天内
 6 Charge Voltage充电电压  3.65V±0.03V By standard charge method标准充电方式
  7  Standard charging method标准充电方式 0.2C constant current,3.65V constant voltage charge to 3.65V,continue charging till current deadline to ≤0.05C 0.2C 恒流 3.65V 恒压充至电流≤0.05C,时间 5.0h(供参考)   /
  8   Standard discharging method标准放电方式   0.2C constant current discharge to 2.5V, 0.2C 恒流放电至 2.5V   /
   9   Cell Internal Impedance单电芯内阻    ≤0.7mΩ   Internal resistance measured at AC 1KHZ after 50% charge半电态下用交流法测量内阻
 10  Weight重量  2.0±0.03Kg  /